Insegnanti e staff British Academy Lucca sono composti da professionisti altamente qualificati per garantire la migliore esperienza di apprendimento della lingua inglese. Gli insegnanti sono tutti madrelingua e provengono da svariati paesi in tutto il Mondo. Condividono con i nostri studenti non solo l’insegnamento, ma anche tutte le loro esperienze di vita e le diverse culture, arricchendosi così a vicenda.


 I Soci


insegnantiCharles – Scotland (Managing Director and teacher)

“My specialty area of teaching is Business English and Career Enhancement. I’ve had an association with Tuscany for more than 15 years, and now after a long career (I won’t tell you how many years) in the financial sector, in the UK and all over the world, it’s a refreshing and fulfilling change to put down roots and be living here full-time in my home in Lucca.”



Soci JohnJohn Ayers – London

“We are not supposed to be teaching English, we are supposed to be creating an environment where learning can take place.”





Soci RossellaRossella – Pisa (Cambridge ESOL Exam Officer)

“I’ve worked at the Group since 1997 and although I’m a born and bred Pisana, I’m also a complete anglophile with a deep love of Britain and its culture. Many years ago I met, by chance, some lovely English people who were visiting Pisa. In turn, I started visiting their home and it was from then that my association with the “world of English” began. One of the great joys of my role is accompanying students on the annual British School trip to the UK”.